Your snowploughing sucks? Get paid bucks!

If you’re rubbish at skiing it’s your time to turn pro and get paid.

The Swedish ski-clothing brand Tenson are looking for two beginners to test their new jackets, pants and base layers, the worse the better.

Extreme testing of kit is common practice but all too often this testing falls short in the difference of what a pro-athlete requires to that of the needs of an everyday user, Tenson however are looking to change this with their hands-on approach.

If you think a Kangaroo flip was a barbecuing technique then the Swedes want your amateur arse

If you’ve no idea what a half cab 1440 mute is or thought a Kangaroo flip was a barbecuing technique then those ever friendly Swedes want your amateur arse. The key qualifications are ‘being an expert at falling in the lift queue’ and having absolutely no idea what ‘pow’ and ‘ripper’ mean.

The role involves putting the Tenson kit through its paces and ensuring that it can survive a ’50 meter long tumble against an icy slope, going all in (and beyond) on the after-ski party and getting caught in the t-bar ski lift.’ We’ve all been there.

ski crash

The lucky candidates will be cashed up to the tune of €25 an hour, plus given roundtrip airfare to Idre Fjäll, Sweden, four days of skiing, lodging and food, and a head-to-toe kit covering of Tenson apparel, the bruises are at the skiers discretion.

The tumbling testers will be required to provide full feedback on how the gear performs, then march to the bar and tell anyone they meet ‘Dude I’m a pro skier’

If you want a chance to be involved or to find out more head over to the Tenson site


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