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Planning to fail...

Challenges and reflection on the road with cyclist and filmmaker with Gus Morton.

No one wants short boards anymore

In the first of our Creator Series Matt Button talks exclusively to legendary shaper Chris Jones

Clean water, clean conscience

‘Yeah we used to call this place Porth–Tampon’ says Chris Hines as we watch young families paddle in the turquoise waters of Porthtowan.

Where the animals go

Wildlife tracking reveals their secrets...

Sneaker Pimps!

No, not the one-hit-wonder of the late nineties, but rather the 15 year mega hit magazine Sneaker Freaker and their new book.

Books every adventurer should read

Five modern adventure classics

Killer carves: From the Cape to Cornwall

I’ve just made Tehillah McGuinness’ day. All I had to do was say her South African accent hadn’t faded.

Red hot reads

Books every adventurer should read and some Christmas crackers.


Go home, Polish

A racist graffiti tag on a wall in his hometown of Cardiff saw Michał Iwanowski doing exactly that and sent him on a  journey of discovery across the breadth the continent that challenged his, and our, perceptions of what it means to be a modern European.

The Escape Committee. A journey across Europe in two generations

All it took was a journal and some old photographs, next thing I’m in fifty-year-old car bound for Syria and Jordan, guided only by the heavy typeset of my mother’s diary from 1967.

Chemistry and Conscience. The brave new world of wetsuit eco design

Jenny Banks, Finisterre’s Wetsuit Recycler, takes a break from working from home and baking some cakes to chat with us about the future of wetsuit design and manufacture, our problem with plastic and consumer power.

Planes, trains and automobiles

On the tenth anniversary of the famous ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ landing by ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, Front Room Gallery will feature a selection of Stephen Mallon’s photographs of the airplane Flight 1549 from his series ‘Brace for Impact.’

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