In the (Tiger) Hood

The cramped and chaotic streets of the Big Apple are unlikely to rival the pristine greens of St Andrews or Augusta, yet for street photographer Patrick Barr, aka Tiger Hood, there are no better fairways than those presented by New York.

I’m so happy so many people get a kick out of it

Greens are substituted with gritty streets, roughs with roadworks, links with chain link and water features by fountains, all in the name of fun.

‘I’m just doing what makes me feel good.’

Barr’s been doing this for ’10 or 11 years.’ A trash can golf club and a tennis ball in his pocket was all that it took to spawn the Neighbourhood Golf Association.

‘I’m so happy so many people get a kick out of it.’

People of all walks of life stop to chat, buy his photographs and even have an impromptu round on his mobile driving range, even a handful of glitterati like Jeff Garlin, Murray in the Goldbergs.

It’s not all glitz and glamour though

It’s not all glitz and glamour though. Barr dons surgical gloves to rifle through trash bags for spent milk cartons which he peddles home and washes in his apartment bath. Once packed with newspaper and bound in tape he has a full complement of fresh ‘golf balls’ and is ready to Tee off again.

The next step? He wants to take it worldwide “so everyone can play. Not just people on a golf course.”

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