Announcing the Adventure Photo Awards 2019 is now open

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House of Beyond key sponsor for the 2019 Adventure Photo Awards

Think of yourself as an adventure photographer? Have you got the chops to bring world class images of the adventure sports world to page and screen? Then the Adventure Photo Awards is your opportunity to show the industry what you’ve got.

John Callahan surf photrographer8

Image: John Callahan

With decades of professional experience of travel, adventure and art judges John Callahan (SurfEXPLORE), Jody MacDonald (Photographer and adventurer), Tim Nunn (Conservationist, educator and cold water specialist) and James North (The Reason Mag) are looking for the extraordinary, the creative and the unique.

Whether it’s monster barrels, nasty chutes or dirt kicker mayhem now’s your chance to show and shout it to the heavens.

Bring your portfolio of adventure, travel and sporting chaos and get a chance to lay it before professionals and audiences across the globe.

John Callahan surf photrographer3

Image: John Callahan

From Alabama to Zanzibar, from cave diving to sky diving and everything in-between, show us your work through the five categories –

  • Sky
  • Mountain
  • Ocean
  • Forest
  • River

What you choose to enter in which category is part of your telling.

Let’s see what you’ve got and it could take you on a surf trip to the wild silver coast of beautiful and beguiling Portugal.

To find out more head over to

John Callahan surf photrographer6

Image: John Callahan

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