Adventure Campfire Mug + Dragon Flame Firelighting Kit

Black Enamel Adventure Mug + Dragon Firelighting kit from House of Beyond

Bespoke design white print on black enamel mug 285ml and unique firelighting kit.

• Premium 285ml heavyweight enamel mug
• Individual one off adventure design
• Unique styling with white print on black

Dragon Flame Firelighting Kit:
• Hard Wearing Flint and Steel – Light anywhere even when wet.
• Bottle opener and handy measure
• Pocket Bellows (Telescopic) – Add oxygen without breaking your back or burning your face. Start roaring fires in minutes.
• x2 wraps of waxed Jute String, cut a short length and unravel for perfect fire lighting.
• x6 lengths of Fatwood (Resin impregnated heartwood ideal for firelighting) It lights quickly even when wet, is very wind resistant, and burns hot enough to light larger pieces of wood.
• All contained in an easy to carry tin

Dispatches in double walled recycled cardboard box and packed in a compostable black mailer. Mug is hand wash only.

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