Looking for a co-founder…

11 September 2019


House of Beyond is looking for a co-founder to kickstart the next exciting few years.

Does that sound like it could be you?


If you tick some of the boxes below then we would love to hear from you…

  1. Do you have an interest in adventure sports?
  2. Do you understand the brands in this space?
  3. Do you understand the end-user in this space?
  4. Do you have an understanding of retail and E-commerce?
  5. Do you have an understanding of marketing and social media?
  6. Do you have an interest in great content?
  7. Do you want to own something yourself and watch it grow?
  8. Do you want to be part of a start-up and own your own business?
  9. Do you have time and energy to commit to a new company?
  10. Do you live in the UK? (Ideally near Brighton – not essential but would help)?
  11. Are you willing to work your butt off to make something happen?

If any of the above sounds like you then please do email [email protected] to start the conversation.