Ski tour galore: The reaping rewards of a little extra effort in Japan

For steep you want Alaska. For adventure the Himalayas. But for pow nowhere is as mind blowing as northern Japan.

Maude Raymond, Taylor Godber, Caley Vanular and Elena Hight head to the land of the rising sun and eyeball deep deep powder.

As ski experiences go nowhere is as unique as Japan

Vision Nowhere takes the crew into the backcountry of Japan long distance snow touring their way through the ghost tree forests and peaks in search of perfect snowboard and skiing heaven.

As ski experiences go nowhere is as unique as Japan and the girls dive headlong into everything the country has to offer, hot springs, kimonos and tonkatsu, before heading out to secret chutes. Over their stay they scored nothing less than perfection, every day receiving a foot of fresh.

The reward of a little extra effort and courage show what’s out there if only you look.

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