New DJ platform aims to add significant value to the music scene

SoundJam – innovative ‘drag and drop’ DJ website builder and eCommerce platform aimed specifically at DJs, producers and musicians.

With custom-built templates, skins and elements including media players, social feed links and stunning galleries, SoundJam enables musicians to build websites in minutes with no coding skills required.

DJs and musicians can also set up a store to sell their music and merchandise with 0% commission, giving back power and directly supporting the artist.

One of the many integrations with SoundJam is the ‘print-on-demand drop shipping’ merchandise supplier Printful, meaning users can create and sell products without having to invest money up front and holding inventory. Orders through their website will go directly to the printer and then dispatched to the customer without having to lift a finger.

A high-quality website is believed to considerably enhance a musician’s chance of landing bigger clients and better gigs.

By enabling a commission-free store musicians can keep more of the profit to fund their artistic creations.

DJ and producer Jimi Needles said about SoundJam,

“Using SoundJam has enabled me to bring all of my music and images into one place, and is great at showcasing my content. Plus the website editor uses a simple drag and drop interface, but the results have been anything but simple and my site looks extremely professional. It’s also really easy to make quick updates – something that was holding me back before. I would definitely recommend!”

Managing director of SoundJam Tom Watts said,

“Having the power to quickly create professional-looking websites and keep them updated, without any prior skills, makes this a standout product.”

“This, combined with giving users an easy-to-use shop facility, will enable artists to build their global fanbase and generate additional revenue streams.”

“SoundJam’s mission is to support artists in the digital space and add significant value to the music scene.”

To find out more click here to visit their site

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