Kung fu Macaques to save your day (and the planet)!

In this age of political strife and uncertainty there’s only one cure – laughter.

Who doesn’t need an ashamed hare, rude moose or waltzing polar bears in their life?

image: Robert Adamson Majestic Stag

Image: Robert Adamson ‘Majestic Stag’

Maybe your comedy tastes run to winged hyenas or rhino-peacock chimeras? Mine certainly do. Well this year’s Comedy Wildlife finalists have been decided and are here for your delectation.

Have you ever seen winged hyenas or rhino-peacock chimeras?

The overall winners will be announced at the Awards Night in November where the new king of creature comedy will be crowned with a trophy and receive a once in a lifetime safari with Alex Walker’s Serian in the Maasai Mara.

Image: Kallol Mukherjee Rhinopeocock

Image: Kallol Mukherjee ‘Rhinopeocock’

In the meantime tickle those funny bones with the 41 finalists.

The team at the Comedy Wildlife event are partnering with The Born Free Foundation who are devoted to wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation, working to save animal lives, stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect rare species.

So you can help the world while giggling at gawping gnus and hungry, hungry hippos.

Vol. 2 of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is available now.

Image: Sergey Savvi 'This is Sparta'

Image: Sergey Savvi ‘This is Sparta’

Image: Mary Hone 'The singing moose'

Image: Mary Hone ‘The singing moose’

Image: Jonathan-Irish 'Drive Safe'

Image: Jonathan-Irish ‘Drive Safe’

Image: Geert Weggen 'Split'

Image: Geert Weggen ‘Split’

Image: Roie Galitz 'Wildlife PhotograBear'

Image: Roie Galitz ‘Wildlife PhotograBear’

Image: Jackie-Downey 'Walrus Breath'

Image: Jackie-Downey ‘Walrus Breath’

Image: Guffaw by Amy Kennedy

Image: Guffaw by Amy Kennedy

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