Higher Daddy! Higher!

Fourteen seconds into Gabe Langlois’ Full Circle you know it’s going to be good as Jake Blauvelt hikes through powder soaked winter woods. Backcountry aficionado Blauvelt and chums Kazu Kokubo, Austen Sweetin, Austin Smith, and Beau Bishop cram a heaven’s worth of boarding into ten minutes.

This is full-frontal, high-octane, 100 miles-an-hour snowboarding

This is full-frontal, high-octane, 100 miles-an-hour snowboarding, but as the man says ‘this year is different’. Blauvelt swapped navigating large powder fields for those of large diaper dumps after stepping into the uncharted territory of parenthood. However his new found responsibility doesn’t seem to be slowing him down as he tackles some of the best freestyle backcountry both home and away.

Beautifully shot and edited Full Circle is why high-def was invented and the boarding is just as inspiring and subtle.

Parenthood is no longer an excuse, it’s now the raison d’être.

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